Futurehome - Power Controll

Futurehome - Power Controll

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StrømKontroll from Futurehome contains a Smarthub, a HAN sensor, a smart thermostat and a puck relay.

The smart hub is the brain and heart of the home and ensures that your smart devices can talk to each other and automate as desired.

The HAN sensor is connected directly to the AMS meter in the fuse box and sends power consumption data directly to the Futurehome system. With the smart thermostat, you can control the heat through automation, from the app or directly from the product's touch display.

The Puck relay can control the water heater, or other devices you want, through automations or directly from the app.

The package is eligible for smart power management support from Enova, read more about this support scheme on Enova's website 

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