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Zaptec GO

Zaptec GO

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Zaptec Go is the markets smallest home charger. It fit's all cars, is simple and is placed easily at your wall. You can get it in multiple colours.

Zaptec Go is intended for home charging. With its intelligent design, you can install up to three Zaptec Go’s in the same house or workplace, just expand as and when needed. The charger cleverly adapts its maximum charge to your car’s capacity, ensuring the most efficient charge possible.


Installation circuit

Max. 40A fuse on installation circuit for charging stations.

Installation network, Voltages

TN, IT and TT 230VAC ± 10% 400VAC ± 10%

Max. current and charging output

22kW at 32A/3-phase (TN networks) 12.7kW at 32A/3-phase (IT networks) 7.4kW at 32A/1-phase IT/TN


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